Over two and a half decades ago, in the heart of Los Angeles, ELCO Lighting was founded on the philosophy that high-quality lighting products should be sold at a fair market price. Our commitment to this philosophy and dedication to exceptional customer service serve as the very soul of our company. We take pride in our perpetual commitment to such standards that enable us to continually prosper in a highly competitive and unpredictable industry. With our expanding LED product line that entails recessed, track, undercabinet, outdoor and emergency lighting, we are ready to fulfill a variety of lighting demands. Quality engineering, fair market value, professional customer service, and micro-managed inventory are the cornerstones of ELCO Lighting.

Recessed Lighting

ELCO Residential CFL Downlighting

ELCO Commercial CFL Downlighting

ELCO Line-Voltage Recessed Lighting

ELCO Low-Voltage Recessed Lighting


EUC5 Series Xenon Undercabinet

EUC41B Incandescent Xenon Undercabinet

E341 Mini LED Recessed Undercabinet

EDF12 LED Undercabinet Light Rope


EPS100 Mini High-Pressure Sodium Wallpack

EMH150 Medium Metal Halide Wallpack

EWP20C50 Full Cut-off LED Wallpack